Sunday 8

Last week was probably the most productive that I’ve had over a long time.

I fixed the rating and team issue with Raji. She assured me that the rating will not have any impact on the MSI. And she agreed to get the team change done in 3 weeks. I will be working under Syed. Have to sit and learn Oracle now.

I had scheduled the Oracle SQL fundamentals for Friday. I did a random test on Wednesday and realized that I wasn’t ready to write the test so I had to postpone the test to next week. Have to sit and study properly for the test. The lack of any practice material is making the preparation difficult.

Spoke to Bro again. Asked him to stay on till October. He seemed to agree. His mood will probably change again. Nothing much I can do.

Signed up to Meetups website. Went to a meetup on Friday. Was fun. We went to Rasta Cafe and from there went to Nandi Hills.

For next week: Have to start learning Oracle and prepare for the SQL Fundamentals test.


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