Sunday 7

I was looking forward to writing this post from yesterday. Looks like the Sunday thing is here to stay.

So last week’s events were a little up and down. The good this was that the land acquisition money has finally arrived. 3.83 got deposited in nanamma’s account. After paying for the Karimnagar plots, some more was used to pay off few of the debts. The only one’s remaining are of Sanjay, Laxman babai  and Janardhan. Whatever arrives from ECHS will go to Sanjay. The money that Bava has to give me will account for the Laxman Babai’s loan. Only Janardhan’s debt will be remaining which we won’t be able to clear off now.

After all settlements, I think one lakh will remain. I have already transferred the money to my account. I plan to keep that money in my account and use it to pay the housing EMI’s incrementally.

The bad thing was the shocker that I received on Thursday when I checked my rating. I was shocked to see the 2 rating that I was given. Spoke to Dilip on friday and he told me that he had given me 3 rating. Then he told me he had put in his papers. He thinks Raji changed the rating to 2. I sent a mail to Raji asking her why the rating was changed. Haven’t heard from her yet. I will have to start preparing for interview starting next week. Not positive about the outlook of the company.

For next week I need to get the address and phone changed, pursue the consumer complaint against Parveen and start preparing for the interviews.


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