Sunday 6

Came to Hyderabad this week. Was originally planning to come on Friday but because of a couple of early morning RI’s that were scheduled, I had to move the date to Wednesday. Stayed at Beeramguda till friday. Came to Aliabad on friday evening. Will be returning tomorrow night.

Dad says the money will come early next week. I spoke to him and we came up with the basic plan as to how to manage the money. Had a long conversation with Bro also yesterday. Managed to convince him that returning in October was the best plan for us. He agreed. Wil have to see for how long he stays on that idea.

Money will have to be managed very tightly from next month onwards. With 4 loans to pay and limited income coming in, every rupee saved will go towards paying off the loan. I have thought about a basic plan as to how to go about doing it. Will have to see how well I am able to execute it. I am thinking about skipping the Malaysia trip. Can’t afford the money or the leave.

There was a call with Mphasis management on Friday in which they said that the hike is being postponed to October. That prompted me to revisit the Naukri portal and apply to a few more companies.

Other weeks events: Monsoon seems to have finally arrived. There was a slight drizzle here yesterday. It should rain in the next couple of weeks. Nadal won the French open. He now has 14 major titles. He lost in the third round of the grass court event.. the first game he played. It’s a setback for the Wimbledon preparation. The football world cup started this week. Am not following it so closely.

For next week: Have to get the bike serviced on Tuesday and go to office from Wednesday. Will need to start pushing Raji for shifting me to the Oracle team. I will also have to start preparing to take Oracle certification exams this week.



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