Sunday 5

So I have decided to add a new feature to these Sunday posts. I’ll take a picture before every post and attach it to the post. Not sure for how many weeks I can keep this going but I think if I can keep it up this could be good.

Onto last weeks events. I started swimming last week and I am getting better at it after every practice. Have to keep practicing. The side effects were tightness in calf muscles because of which I had to cancel today’s Long run. I am thinking about whether to go to next weeks run in Chennai. I don’t think I will be physically ready for the run. On top of that I will have to spend at least 1k for the traveling which will no doubt be tiring. If I had some company then I think I might have gone. Not very enthusiastic about going alone. Will have to see.

Bala and Uttam booked tickets for a trip to Malaysia in Feb 2015. The cost of the ticket will come to around 8k but the cost of trip itself could come to around 40k. And I will have to take a leave of 1 week. I think I will book the ticket this week after the land money comes – If it comes.

Bro says he is planning to come back in last week of July. I told him he should do whatever he thinks is right. Not sure what else I could tell him.

Went to office on Monday and after that did WFH for the entire week. The guy whom I met near Manyata Tech park for the bike called yesterday. Seems he could not find a buyer for his bike. Now I have to think if I should take his bike. I dont like the Pulsar all that much but 2007 Pulsar at 25k seems to be a decent deal. Have to think a little about this.

Have booked tickets to go home next week. Will stay for 4 days and will take care of the Nelamashikam. My initial plan was to get the bike as well but I will have to change that now. Most of my time was wasted this week. Didn’t have much work to do as Dilip did not assign any work to me. Didn’t learn any Oracle as well. Have to do better this week.

Other news: Not much going on. Nadal will play Djokovic in the French open final today. Should be a superb match. Don’t have TV in room so I will have to follow the match in streaming. I’m not bothering about the Formula 1 events.

For next week: Have to work on the Parveen travel shit. Letting him off the hook will a lack of will on my part.


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