Sunday 4

Here is a fourth consecutive Sunday post that I am writing. I have to say I am being more consistent here compared to the PROG thing, probably because I decided to write this series every Sunday morning and because I have made the structure simpler than the PROG thing. Anyway about this weeks events:

I have settled down a bit here in PSN. I had night oncall last week so I worked from home from Tuesday onwards. The office is not very far away but the bus connectivity is bad. I called up a few people yesterday about bikes. Will go out today looking for a few. 25-30k budget. Most probably a Pulsar.

Raji had not spoken to Syed about my team transfer as of Monday. Maybe they discussed it later in the week. I have cleared off 3 SR’s that were in my queue. Have a few more left so I should have more time over next week to study oracle.

The GO got signed this week and dad got a copy of it. Will take all of next week to get it processed. Bro transferred money for the home loan so I don’t need to chip in. I should get about 15K from RoopC after all the settlements so I should be able to manage the bike without taking money from anyone. Bro’s work is still not completely good. Have to speak to him about it again next week.

Next week I’ll be going to the office so I’ll get to settle down a little at the office. Have to try to form a rapport with Syed as he will play a major part in my work for the next one year. Other things to do are to buy the bike, settle in a bit more at PSN and work more on fitness. I did a long run today after a long time. Took 1hr 9 mins for 10k. Was a good run as I didn’t feel very tired after the run.

Elsewhere, Nadal is through to the second week of French Open, Raina will captain the Indian team’s tour to Bangladesh and Arsene Wenger signed a new 3 year extension yesterday.


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