The Road ahead

My running goal for 2013 was to complete 1000 kms. I finished about 400 kms short. My goal for this year is again to complete 1000 kms on the road. I have done 178 over the last 6 months. Completing 822 over the next 6 months will be a huge challenge. I will have to do an average of 137 kms per month, that’s an average of 30 kms per week.

30 kms per week doesn’t sound that bad. Specially after I start doing long runs, I should be able to clock the kms progressively. I guess its all about keeping myself fit now. Right now my body seems to be coming into a good shape. Certainly there is a lot more work to be done right now. I have to improve core strength to the level at which I was last October. I will need to lose at least 3 more kgs. The lessons learned over the last 2 years will come in handy.

I know the trick is to start slowly. I will have to increase my mileage progressively. And I will have to make good use of the facilities at my disposal. Will some effort I should get closer to my goal of 1000 and even achieve it.


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