Sunday 2

Last week was perhaps the most frustrating in my life. The Infogix HR guy called me on Monday and talked to me about the offer that we had discussed. I think the reason why he called me was to inquire if I was still available. I waited the whole week to hear something from them or Talentica but nothing came my way. No mails, no calls. Attended a walk in interview on Saturday which was out of my scope.

So with just 1 month left to go, I have no other options. I will have to talk to Raji tomorrow and take whatever they give me. I’ll look to move to Bangalore by last week. It’s not the ideal scenario but its not that bad either. RoopC will be leaving next Saturday so I can plan to move my luggage with him. Spoke to the bike guy and he offered me 10k for the bike. I was hoping for more but I don’t have to find a buyer outside or get any repairs done so I can take up his offer.

No further movement on the land allotment case. The government officials want to release a GO for the case. That could take a few days. Last week the officials were busy with elections so this will have to go next week. Bro got a pay check early so he sent me 175k. I cleared off the CC bill. Some 4K might be left over. I’ll settle that next month.

Phani left for Hyderabad on Friday. So its just me, RoopC, Vamshi and Ram left now. RoopC will leave next week. I sent the notice to Parveen travels on Monday. Haven’t heard from them since.

Other issues: BJP won the election. By a great margin. TDP in Andhra and TRS in telengana. I don’t like TRS in telengana but there was no other alternative. Arsenal won the F.A cup yesterday. I didn’t watch the match because it was easier for me to bear it that way. Nadal will play the Rome masters final today vs Djokovic. I hope he wins. He had won at Madrid last week.


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