Sunday 1

This is the first of a new series that I hoping will run for long. Kind of like the PROG thing but not so structured. Just updates about what I did personally, professionally, and the major things that happened around me. Here goes..

Spoke to Raji about the Mphasis offer thing. The fact that I made a mistake putting in the resignation is crystal clear to me. But it seems the timing of the thing and the way I did it was also wrong. I had put in the resignation after I spoke to Raji so she was under the impression that I was not satisfied with the discussion we had. I had to tell her this week that I was still willing to listen to whatever offer Mphasis has to make. She took that positively and said she would discuss that with Abhijeet. I don’t think they would offer me anything above 7.5. But considering that I dont have much of a choice, I’ll have to take what I get.

Got a pleasant surprise when I got a mail from the Talentica HR. I was under the impression that the Talentica position was gone but it seems they have put the position on hold for now. That doesn’t do much for me as they could take months before they finalize the position and I will have to make up my mind a lot sooner. But it gives me confidence as I got through in the interview of a good company.

Have to make the arrangements to sell my bike next week. I might have to stay in June also in case the sale doesn’t happen soon. Regardless of what happens at the job front, my leaving Chennai is fixed so the bike has to go.

Dad said the land allotment was confirmed last week. Next week we need to get the order copy and get the money from land acquisition. Vijaya attamma is leaving for U.S tomorrow. Sripal’s B’Day was yesterday. For once I remembered someone’s Birthday.

Other issues: Elections going on.. BJP seems to have majority but might not get the numbers to form govt on its own. Nadal is in Madrid Masters final. Today is the last game of the Premier League. 4th is already confirmed for Arsenal is not a pressure game. Formula 1 is also there today. Would be a surprise if any of the Ferrari’s manage the podium.

For next week I need to make arrangements to sell the bike, send that notice to Paarveen travels, speak to Raji about the Mphasis offer and prepare for other interviews.


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