Getting Back

In 6 days, I’ll be doing the 7th month thing for mom. These seven months have passed by rather quickly. It’s not like I haven’t done anything. I have been doing lots of things.. not enough for my liking.. but still I haven’t sat idle.

It feels to me like I am at a crossroad. I’m not sure what lays ahead of me. This confusion is entirely of my doing and it’s something that I could have avoided had I been smarter but now I just have to deal with deal with it. Looks like I will have to extent my stay at Mphasis for an year although that year will be spent in Bangalore. Anyway we’ll see what happens.

Looks like I have fallen into a rut this last month. 2012 was a very productive year for me personally and so was 2013. Half of 2014 is gone and I don’t really feel like I have done anything so I need to pull up my socks and starting working. My life is best lived when I am organized and have things to look forward to. When I don’t have these I lose the order and fall into chaos.

So it’s back to the 2013 formula for me. Running to keep my body in shape. Blogging and using the diary to keep my daily activities in check. Focus on constantly doing new things so that I feel a sense of improvement. For starters these things should do.

A post every Sunday from this Sunday onwards. I thought of that just now. I’m that good. What should I call it? I think I’ll simply call it Sunday#.

Not sure how many of these I’ll be able to do but the prog was a moderate success and a good template to build on so I think I can go along in those lines.


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