Pre Coimbatore update

I will be running the Coimbatore half marathon this Sunday. It will be my fourth running event. Somehow this time it really doesn’t feel like a big deal to me. Since I have now shifted my focus to training for the full marathon, the half has lost its punch a little.

Still it is a half marathon and the last half I ran was a struggle. I need to make sure that I don’t repeat the mistakes that I did in Hyderabad. I will need to start slow, maintain that pace for the first 4 kms, raise my pace a little till the 9 km mark and then access the conditions.

My splits during last years Wipro Chennai marathon were 46 mins for 7.25 and 1:38 mins for 16.5 km. I should try to be somewhere near those timings. 50 mins for the 7 km and 1:40 for the 16 km are realistic goals that I can set for myself. I took 42 mins for the first 6.5 kms during my last long run, so 50 for 7 seems like a good target to have for the first 7 kms. I could try to do the next 8 in another 50 mins. So will reach the 15k mark at 1:40 mins. From there I have 35 mins to complete the last 6k or so. Shouldn’t be too bad I guess.

I will probably be running with Nanda during the run so we will try to push each other. I think a 2:15 finish will be a decent result. Since I am treating this run like another training run, I wont really try to go for my PB. I don’t think I can do my PB even if I try to. I don’t understand how I did a 2:02 in my first half. Insane.


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