I just felt that I need to write something about my time working for Sabre. I get the feeling that I am at the mid point of my time at Sabre. I have been here for 9 months now and in these nine months, I have grown in stature. The latest achievement was the ATSE Prod switchover which I did last week. The task itself wasn’t very complicated. But given the importance of the servers in question, I feel proud that Dilip had the confidence in me to give me the task,specially at the last moment. I am also proud that I absolutely nailed said task.

How has the work been?
Stressful at times. Specially the oncall.  The difference between oncall in Onstar and oncall in Sabre is that in Onstar I had to be in office at the start of the shift. I didn’t have a lot of work to do and there was not much I could learn. There are no strict timings for Sabre but the work is more and you kind of have to be switched on all 24 hours. And no lapses are tolerated which adds to the stress. But there is a lot to learn.

The key difference between Onstar and Sabre has been the learning. While Iearn’t absolutely nothing in Onstar, I am learning new things every week even now when I am 9 months into the project. The team here is much better compared to the Onstar folks. Overall, it is not a bad place to be. In fact it is a very good place for me to be in. Everything is in my hands now.

I need to realize the difference between mine and bro’s careers. He never had the chances that I had. And I have wasted the chances that I got till now. I need to really dig in here and start putting in some effort. I can continue to go with the flow everyday and that wont be such a bad way to live but I need to do better than that. With increasing expenses and responsibilities, I have to look for a higher pay job. And I am in the perfect position to do just that.

I have lot of scope to learn as much about oracle DBA as I can. I have excellent resources at my disposal and experienced DBA’s working around me from whom I can learn a lot of things. This is my time really. If I don’t put in effort now, I will be letting a big opportunity out of my hands. Patience and endurance are not what are needed now. Determination is what is needed.


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