Pre Coimbatore Update

Quick update about how my running has been going these days. After a disappointing AHM, I took some time off to rest my right ankle. Weekly mileage after AHM was 21, 12,10 and 24. Got a little shin concern in between but otherwise am fit now. The ankle hasn’t healed completely yet but there is no pain during or after runs. It will get better over time.

I am seriously considering changing my registration from half to full for the Dec run. I may not get completely ready for the run but I should be able to manage. I don’t like being a half guy. I have to become a full marathon runner.

I have 10 weeks for training for the full. Last year I had 10 weeks for training for the half and I managed okay despite the rains. The mileage will go upto 30 kms from this week onwards which means I will be in full throttle mode. I need to monitor very closely how my body holds up to the stress.

About the Coimbatore half in due 2 weeks time, I am not taking it too seriously. I will do a 16 k this Sunday and I should be in decent shape for the run. I won’t push too hard in Coimbatore. I’ll use it as a practice run for the CTC half later in the month. I will take the CTC half very seriously as that is the last run before the Dec run and it will help me give a very good idea of where I am in terms of fitness. I wish I had more time to change my registration criteria. I am grateful they even provided that option.

Have completed 619 kms till now. 381 to do in 3.5 months. I should be able to manage.



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