A Reply to Sridhar 2012


R. Sridhar Reddy,
Aged 23 years, 9 months.

Hey buddy, read your letter to me yesterday. As silly as the concept of writing a letter to yourself in the past is, I am compelled to do it. I have done very few cool things in life, but this blog and that post is definitely one of them. So apt and prophetic were your words, it amazes me. Yeah, sometimes I just amaze myself.

I write this piece to you because you asked me a few questions. Questions that I would like to answer for the purpose of maintaining a record.

The first question you asked:
How life going? — Exciting?  Boring?  Engaging?  Dull?  Relaxed?  Pressured?  Happy?  Sad?  Content?  Frustrated?

The answer to that is my life is currently Exciting, Pressured, Content and a little bit Frustrated.  You wrote that your life was a mixture of some of those feelings. I guess we are the same in that regard. One year has passed in between. Things have changed. But we remain the same at the core. Will I be able to say the same 5 years later??

Back then you had been on bench for 5 months in a row and were worried that that spell on the bench would hamper your chances elsewhere. You would go on to get a project only in December but that project turned out to be a good one so your worry was for nothing. You said that in September 2013 you would like me to be working in Hyderabad but you wouldn’t be disappointed if I was still at Mphasis. I am in fact still at Mphasis. And I am not disappointed about that. I am in an environment where I can learn a lot of things everyday from people who are so much more experienced than me. My learning is only limited by my drive to learn.

To the question if you were content, your answer was yes and no. If you ask me now, I guess my answer would be the same. You proceeded to rate yourself based on 5 parameters. I shall do that too

1. Money. You said then that you didn’t think the loans would be going anywhere. You were right. In fact they have increased. I had to top-up the personal loan so now I am paying 30k to your 28k. If were to write a One Year Later right now, I would probably right the same thing. The loans are something I have come to take up as a responsibility on myself. Its true that I am living in the dark a little currently. My credit card bill reads 80k and I don’t have the money to pay this months minimum bill. I didn’t have the money to go to Goa too but I went anyway 🙂 . I am sure I will manager somehow.

Have I become a little bolder over the last few months. I think so. Less worried over the upcoming expenses I am. I can remember a few months back when I started eagerly waiting for the 1st of next month when I would get my salary and I could sort out my arrears. Not anymore. My skin has thickened up.

You rated yourself 7/10. I rate myself 8/10, simply because I have reduced my expenses a lot and now am more mature about my spending. Or not!

Peace of Mind/Pressures:  You felt the pressure of not having a project. I have learn’t to cope with the pressure that are present in my present project. It’s just the issues with Dad which I didn’t have then have started putting an overhead on me. Added to that is my inability to help mom or bro in dealing with difficult times. Not that I think about that a lot. But I should. And act on it. Which I will. Soon. Boy has arseblog had an affect on me.
Your rating 8. My rating 7.

Health: Now this is where I am really proud. The idleness in the later months of 2012 drove me to take up running and I have not given up since. You expected me to run the 10k at least 4 times. I have done better than that. I have run 3 half marathons and am currently thinking of participating in a full!  Certainly one of the better decisions I have made in my life when I started running. My running is haphazard right now because of the rains and the shifts but I make sure I make the best out of the time I have.
Your rating 9. My rating 10.

Interests/Hobbies: Okay here I have not done all that I could do. It true that you cannot do it all but I can do better than I am doing right now. I have stuck to the guitar which I am not really getting better at but I have stuck to it which must count to something. Completely stopped practicing Telugu. Have managed to improve communication with parents. Am growing further apart with batchmates, specially with lot of them leaving for U.S.
Your rating 9. My rating 8.

Pussy. Bah!. The only difference between you and me is that in the last one year, 5 of my batchmates have got married. And bro’s marriage is planned for Dec. Wonder how that will go. Its a barren land for me out there. And will be for sometime to come. No point in rating myself here.

So there it is. My reply to you. May this tome go into the shelves of awesomeness. Whatever that means!


Aged 24 years 9 months.








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