None in August?

So after 21 months of continuous blogging in this space, I finally missed to write even one post in the month of August. Sad cause it breaks my streak a little. I need to sit down and think about why I wasn’t able to put in a post last month. There is a pattern forming here isn’t it. In the 12 months before I joined Sabre, I had written a total of 68 posts. 10 months since joining Sabre has seen me write a total of 33 posts. That’s a decrease of almost 40%. Looks like I’ve got a little busy.

It was one year ago that I wrote the one year on post. True to my initial intention, I have not read that post till now. Now it’s September. One year on. Still I have not read that post. I just can’t seem to find the time. It’s not that I have become lazier or anything like that. It’s just that reading the One year on should lead to writing another One year on and I can’t seem to find the drive to do that. The thing I need to realize is that the idea of One year on was to read what I wrote one year earlier and to reflect about that. It’s not meant to be a continuous exercise. I can write another one if I want to. Or I can skip it altogether.

Lots of things happening in the Arsenal and Nadal and Indian Cricket team and Ferrari front. Yet I just can’t seem to find the time to write anything about them. So busy.

Have to do more.

Aah! I think I wrote too soon. I did have a post in August after all! I had written the Post AHM piece but missed out on publishing it. So my streak continues. I think its at 23 now. Hope to take it upto 40. Then upto 50. Hurray!!!


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