6 Priorities

There has been a certain pattern to my thinking about how I approach my priorities in the last few weeks. I have always felt that it is easier to keep track of things if you keep a mental count. I think the same approach can be used in day to day activities and that would be my attempt going forward. I don’t know if I can pull it off though. It will be difficult. To have that kind of focus and discipline day in and out is very challenging to master. If I can pull it off, I will really transcend to the next level. Sridhar will then become Sridhar 2.0.

Before I go to do that however, I have to first list out what my priorities are. So my priorities in decreasing order of .. well priority are:

1. Family

2. Work

3. Health — Running included here

4. Shifting job

5. Batra thing

6. Guitar practice.

Feels silly to list them out like this. But had to put them on paper.


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