Winds of Change

That fine song by that fine guy whose name I can’t quite remember. I am going to dig up the long and listen to it now. I have started listening to old forgotten songs these days. Songs from my childhood. Seems like I have come a full circle. With no new quality material for me to lay my ears on, I have started going back to the songs that initiated me to music.

Just last week I listened to Children by Robert Miles. A song I hadn’t heard in 10 years. Curious this that song is. If I were to classify it, I’d probably put it as classic rock with some techno mixed in. But it also has a feel of progressive about it. No wonder I ended up a progressive enthusiast. The seeds were sown right..

I’m not sure for how long I will be following my cycle of musical evolution again. I don’t want to be listening to Backstreet boys again. No. Never. Ugh!!

So coming to things that matter.. This post is not about music. As a matter of fact it is about another topic which incidentally also starts with the letter M. Masturbation. A topic that I haven’t really gotten into in the 100 odd posts that I have written till now. So what about masturbation?

I was reading a book some time back in which the author talks about sexual drive. I think the book was Don’t stand too close to a naked man. So in the book the guy says that as a guy grows older, his sexual drive starts waning. The hormones become less potent? The willie gets mellow? etc etc. So I am getting the feeling that I am starting to see this change in me.

Change that takes place over the years is very had to observe. Specially in oneself. You have to be a very keen observer to notice that. It’s a good thing that I am a keep observer. Haha. In this case however it wasn’t actually that hard. In fact it became pretty obvious at one point. In days far yonder, I couldn’t wait to get into a room all by myself. And when I did get into a room by myself, I couldn’t wait to get my mojo out and start the act of vigorous forward and backward motion of the hand with said mojo firmly grasped in the fist.

Which isn’t the case anymore. Now its getting to feel more like a chore. It’s not been the modem of releasing pent up hormones like it used to be. Now its more of an exercise that you do to facilitate easy sleep. I shudder to think given the way things are going, a day might come when I might have a perfectly willing and ready women besides me on the bed but I won’t be arsed to get myself to do the act. **shudder**

But there is no helping it I guess. It’s biology. I have already written in a previous post about how the workings of the human body and our society are just skewed. It’s just sad. What can you do about it? **sigh**

So I started this post with Children by Robert Miles. Then I went to Winds of Change by Scorpions. Then We are the champions – Queen , We will rock you – Queen , A cover of We will rock you by Iron Maiden which also had Smoke on the water, to Smoke on the water by the G3 and finally to Glassgow kiss – John Petrucci. So no matter where I start, it is inevitable that I will end up in progressive. Fascinating huh. I really really love progressive rock/metal music.

But this post is not about progressive music. This is about my waning hormones. By the way I have made 2 attempts at the 1 week challenge and failed miserably on both occasions. Both times on day 2. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about it. The day I surpass the 1 week challenge will be the day I will be completely flummoxed by the implications of me having completed said challenge. What does it mean? What?  WHAT? WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT?



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