2 years at Mphasis!

Yesterday I completed 2 years at Mphasis. The guy I met when in Onstar put up a post in facebook about it. I’m not the kind who puts up facebook updates about everything. Instead what do I do? Write a blog post about it..

So what do I feel about being in Mphasis for 2 years. What do I feel when people express their surprise when they hear that I came from BITS and landed up here. What do I feel when I see most of my friends from college either getting higher paying jobs with better positions or going off to U.S or getting married?

Nothing. Mostly. I told myself that 2013 was the year of dreaming. That I would dream up big things for myself and go ahead to achieve it. I haven’t worked on that as yet. But I should. And that is my reaction to all these things. I do an internal analysis of my position. Find out what I have and what I am lacking. Consolidate what I am having and chalk up a plan to acquire what I am lacking.

If I am honest with myself, I am not too bothered about being in Mphasis after 2 years. I know that I’m going to be here at least for the next 6 months. During these 6 months, I intend to learn as much as possible and use what I have learnt to go out and get a better job. I do resent that fact that Mphasis has given me such a meager raise after 2 years and the bonus that was promised to me hasn’t been given to me as yet. And I will get them back for that when I quit the company.

Regarding the fact that most of my friends are moving off to U.S, I have no issues with that. I never wanted to do an M.S so I have no regrets. I do miss the guys who are leaving but I deal with that by making new friends and making sure I stay in touch with my old friends.

Regarding marriage. That’s a tough one. I know that bro is yet to get married and if it is remotely difficult for me, then it must be even more difficult for him. I cannot be selfish here. I have duties that I need to do first. I have to wait so I will wait.

Good and bad things have happened over the last 2 years. I have to try to concentrate on the good things and leave out all the rest – Linkin Park style. It will be difficult for me to objectify it and make a list but I’ll give it a go nevertheless.

Being on bench was definitely a bad period but I didn’t let myself fall into a slump. I pushed myself to learn new things and although I may not have been able to put in use all the things that I learnt, I am still proud of the fact that I made the effort. I learnt Telugu from almost scratch and I am onto the level where I am not writing my diary in Telugu. Something that I am very proud of. I spent a lot of time on the guitar while on bench and I can see the fruits of that now. My drive pushed me to start running and I am definitely proud of what I have been able to achieve till now. I have run 712 kms since I started counting my mileage in September last year. I must say that is good progress. There are other things I did that were not of much help till now but who knows when something might be useful.

I have tried to carry on even after I got into Sabre. I think I have done an okay job. But I have to do better. I have to organize my  time to make sure I am preparing myself for the jump to a different company. Figuring out priorities is essential in a person’s life and I am glad I have been able to do that very well.

Those are my feelings after having completed 2 years at Mphasis. I have good and bad memories of these 2 years.

The good ones:

Mangalore, Bang Trips, early days in Onstar, jamming with Srinivas, Having a good time with the current folks.

The bad ones: The fall, the removal from ReDS, the pressures, no increment.

I came back from a 10k in the morning so I’m not really full of ideas right now. This post  definitely deserved something better. But I know that if I stop a piece midway, I’ll never get back to it again. So I will just have to satisfy myself with this.


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