Another season gone

Arsenal finished this season at 4th place in the premier league. This hasn’t been a smooth season by any means. I was forced to question my motives behind following Arsenal at multiple points during the season.

At one point when Arsenal lost in the F.A cup to some stupid team, I stopped caring altogether. Then we starting winning again and went on a 9 match unbeaten run that got us to the 4th place finish that we so desperately needed.

But now that the season has finished, I need to sit and reevaluate my reason for following Arsenal football club. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of football. I rarely sit down and watch matches. And Arsenal don’t play the most exiting football there is to watch out there.

I started following football because I was bored and I needed something to pass my time. And it stuck. But I am not the biggest fan of football. Come to think of it, I’m am not a fan of any sport. I rarely sit in front of the T.V and watch anything. Not even the IPL, the final’s for which will be played tomorrow. So why?

To pass time. As simple as that. So I will come up with a strategy on how I want to follow football.

First: I will set really low targets for Arsenal to achieve. This way, when they surpass the targets, I will feel happy. This is so much better than setting high targets and feeling bad when we are not able to meet the targets.

Second: I will think about only the victories and ignore the losses. This way I am ensuring my feelings and I will always be happy regardless of the outcome.

If I follow the above mentioned rules, I think I will be okay. Looking forward to next season now.


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