Prog 7

So here comes another prog. That it came 3 weeks after the last one is a testament to how busy I have been. Have I really been that busy? I think I have. Anyway here goes:


1. Started work on the Oracle certification course. Sad part is that I have not been able to find time to work on it daily. And weekends as I know I get lazy. Have to put in more effort.

2. Had a long trip home couple of weeks back. Was a good trip. Did everything that I inteded to do. No scratches on the car but the driving was also minimal. Had a good conversation with dad and I think for once I was able to get through to him. But I had to be very rough. Was not pleasant. Anyway the Modi account is settled now. Have to work hard and consolidate. Bro must find a job quickly.

3. Have been  able to reduce my expenditure over the last couple of months. Largely owing to the previous cook who came early in the morning. The present cook comes in the evening so I am having to buy lunch. That is an extra expenditure. But still have to work hard to reduce it even more.


1. Completely lost touch with the guitar. Just there isn’t any time left. And even when I have the time, I don’t have the drive that I used to have. How times change! Managing time is hard work in itself. The greatest people are those who can manage their time the best. It’s something that I have to learn. Will googling help?

2. My fitness drive has faded a little of late. Missed the gym for a few days and now struggling to wake up in the morning. Have to get back on track this week.

3. Have to put in more effort at work. There is a lot I need to learn if I have to work without depending upon others. Have to put in more effort in learning not only GG but also Oracle Db and DB concepts in general.

4. My average number of posts on this blog used to be 4-5 over the last year. This is my first post this month. I am also struggling to write things in the collage. This just means that my life is getting stale. Have to force new things to happen. Otherwise I become just another uncle.


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