Prog 6

So two months after the first prog, here comes prog 6.

Last few weeks:


1. It’s not a good thing that I did specifically but rather a good thing that happened. Construction of home completed and mom and dad shifted the stuff from Saroornagar to Aliabad. The mody account still needs to be settled and he is causing a lot of trouble. This will take some time and effort and I hope it can be resolved soon.

2. Practiced typing a little more and seems like I am getting the hang of it.

3. Have thought a little about what my agenda should be in the office. I think I have a pretty good deal at the office specially with my age and the time I have ahead of me. I have plenty of stuff to learn here and I have to make the most of it. I have to come up with a plan for that and I will be looking to work on that this week.

4. Cut my guitar nails. After 2 years it feels a little different. Some change huh..


1. Have completely given up on the guitar. It’s not that I am getting lazy. I need to spend atleast 30-45 mins on the guitar daily and I am thinking of using that time for some other use. But I have to make sure that I use that time and not waste it away.

2. Have wasted a lot of time this week. Have to firm up and do useful things continuously. Create a proper schedule and manage my time well. I have to go back to my old mantra.. “Kill youself each day and be born anew the next day”.

Next week:

Have to come up with a plan as o how I should approach Oracle learning.

Practice more typing.

Make better use of time.


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