Being Perfect

What does it take to be perfect? What does it even mean one says that a person is perfect? How can you tell? what parameters, if any can be used to determine if a person is perfect. Is it even possible for a person to be perfect? And does one even need to be prefect.

Quite a lot a questions I have made for myself right here.. I guess I’ll have to try and answer them. But before I start, I’d like to ramble on a little.

I have come to realize that a person doesn’t really change as he grows older. He might become wiser or more secure and confident, but the core part of him does not change. I can certainly say that I have not changed over the years.

When I was young, about 15 years old, my common complaint was that I didn’t have any inspiration to do things. When every other kid talked of having an ambition or a dream, I had none. I felt that the rest of the kids were also faking and none of them really had any idea what they were talking about. I still feel the same way today. At 25 years of age, I have no dream. I do have inspiration now, and a lot of times I inspire myself, but I can still feel that I sometimes lack inspiration.

When I was about 20, I started feeling that a man should live his life based on a set of rules. But at that point of time I didn’t have a clue as to how I should go about setting rules for myself. Is there a book on the subject? I tried googling but didn’t find any satisfactory answers.

Now I’m 25. I am still the same. Only, as I have grown older, I have started getting a clearer picture of how the world works and how I should go about handling myself. And the last couple of years have been a steady learning curve. I want to build on what I have learnt   and get better. And be perfect one day. Which is where I started off today.

So why do I want to be perfect? I have no clue. But how do I go about it? We’ll come to that. First I need to answer the question..what does it mean to be perfect.

You cannot change yourself physically. What you have is what god blessed you with and you can only make the most of it. You can certainly change what is inside you though. In my considered opinion, as on 23rd march 2013, to be perfect, a man must try learn everything he can and try to be good at everything he does. He must be humble, caring, and must always remember his roots.

A perfect man inspires other by his example. He looks up to and learns from people who are better that him and helps and teaches others who are worse off than him. A perfect man takes himself seriously and has the constitution that can handle most difficult situations. He works hard to better himself and those around him. He learns from his past, lives in the present and has an eye on the future. He accepts the responsibility that is pushed onto him. Finally a perfect person finds reasons to be happy with all the troubles of the world on his head and keeps his feet on the ground when he is gifted with all the pleasures of the world.

I think I answered a lot of questions in the last para. All it takes is hard work. I guess I should stop writing this and get on with it.


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