Prog 3

In the last couple of weeks, I completed the Auroville marathon and have settled down in the team. I was free last Sunday but couldn’t come up with a post so we’ll just have to do with this one.


1. Completed the Auroville marathon. It took me about 2 hrs 16 mins. It was a good run and I did better than what I expected second time in a row. The shin exercises in the gym have helped and although I have some knee issues now, it’s not that severe so I don’t have to worry right now. Prepared a running schedule and have stuck to it in a satisfactory fashion till now.

2. Played some more guitar. Again I have to put in more effort.


1. Have got a bit lazy about getting the xerox for the RC. Have to get it done soon and plan to get the smart card done too.

2. Have to improve the driving a bit. Not doing good enough.

Next week:

Have to continue the good work on the guitar. Have to take care of the expenses at home and be constantly in touch with mom and dad. Just do better in general.


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