And then there were 100!

So I have now have 100 posts on this site. Its taken me 2 years get here. 2 years is a long time. I hope I can keep this us for a long time to come..

People change over time. Our needs, our outlook, our expectations and our understanding of this world change as we get older. Even as I look within myself, I can see a lot of changes. Now it is difficult to view yourself from an external reference, specially over time. So how can I tell that I have changed..

When I started this blog way back in 2011, my intention was to record the feelings I have at any point of time. I was convinced that to read a post that I had written 2 or 3 years back would give me pleasure and a perspective of how I used to be at the time when I had written the post. Over the period of time, I have come up with other novel ideas and have implemented a few. The collage in particular is something I am proud of. It will take me a few years to find out how good an idea it really is. I also liked the “1 year on” idea. A few days back I was thinking about trying a “5 years on”. I must say it’s something that really tempts me. When you think about the things you want to say to a 5 year older yourself, the ideas are endless. I hope I can write it something in the near future.



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