Prog 2

So this seems to be more difficult than I thought. I think a post every weekend will be a little difficult to churn out so I’ll just have to upload one whenever I find the drive. Anyway here goes Prog 2


1. Tried to get more ordered. Have gotten a little more used to going up and down DLF and     can now do without my afternoon nap.

2. Learning some more Tamil. Progress is slow but I am putting in some effort into it. Have to do more though.

3. Played some guitar this week. Not enough but still its a start. have to really pick it up next week.

4. Put in an effort in driving the car while at home. Produced 2 scratches but they were due to unavoidable circumstances and not because of negligence.  Good job.

5. Got the RC for the bike. The important part is now done.Now I just need to pick up the smart card from the RTO.


1. Neglected a few things as I am still getting used tot he schedules.

2. Bike driving getting a little rash. Have to tone down a little and set some rules.

3. Had a spat with bro that I really could have avoided. He is going through a difficult phase now with the Divya thing and the job thing so I really need to support him rather than pick up fights with him. Will have to work on this next week.

Next Week

1. Guitar, Tamil, Work with bro, Get the Smart card, work on a proper RI.



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