Pre-Auroville Post

I am to run the Auroville marathon this sunday. The preparation for the run hasn’t gone as I had planned. Shin splints came in my way and I had to drop the plan completely. I have been running in the gym for the last 3 weeks and have been doing some exercises for the shins and I think they been beneficial.

I ran a 10k yesterday on the treadmill and didn’t feel a lot of discomfort. But still the treadmill is completely different from the road and 10k doesn’t compare to the half. So I really don’t know how my body will hold up to the wear. I think overall I am a little fitter compared to when I ran the Chennai marathon but I haven’t run a long run in over 2 months so I am badly under prepared.

My target last time around was to see if I could complete the run in less than 2:05 hrs. I did it in 2:02:34 hrs. My target this Sunday is to complete the run without falling over the finish line and if possible, look to cross the finish line in 2:30 hrs.

The preperation for the Chennai marathon was perfect. It won’t be so this time around. This time it’s more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I just want to complete the run successfully and then look to building up a schedule for proper return to full time running. Wishing myself good luck..


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