Before Sunrise…

I was watching the movie Before Sunset. I love this movie. I also loved the movie that came before this titled Before Sunrise. I love these movies for various reasons.. because they have a good feel to them, because they are conversation based movies and have a good flow to them. But I specially love them because I relate to the things those two talk about in the movie. Which brings me to why I am writing this piece.

I don’t know why but purpose seems to be very important to me. I try to find a point in doing something. What use is it.. how will doing this help me. And as I write this, this feeling is bugging me.. why am I writing this?

As of now I have no clear idea about the why. I hope by the end of this piece, I would have written something cohesive and meaningful. There are two things that make me write.. an idea and the drive. Right now I have the drive to write something and I hope to have completed this before it goes away.

One of the topics or concepts which these two talk about in the movie is about happiness. What do I thing about happiness? I don’t think I have ever organized my thoughts over this topic so I might as well try now..

I think happiness is in the little things. I don’t think it is possible for a person to be truly happy. Even if one feels truly happy, its just an instance of one source of happiness blurring out the cold reality. And reality cannot be ignored for long. Now this might seem like a bleak or depressing viewpoint but it isn’t so. I think is it unfair of us to expect life to always grace us with its good side. We fantasize about things all the time when instead we should be more realistic.

It’s a difficult thing to talk about. The ability to fantasize is what makes me human. Remove that from me and I am just another common animal, content to satisfy its hunger and act upon evolutionary instincts. There is a reason why I say that happiness is in the little things. The amount of significance we assign to a particular event is truly up to us. What is important for one might not mean anything to another. So instead of always wanting good things to happen to us, we should start giving more importance to the good things and less importance to the bad things.

I love mornings. They make me feel alive. The time when the the sun yet to break out and the common man wont be leaving bed for a few hours more. The fresh air and the solitude makes me feel one with myself. I love the cold, it clears my senses. It helps me understand what is important and what is not. It’s difficult for me to feel sad or depressed about anything in the mornings. The pleasure of the experience drives all the negativity away.

It has never happened to me that I drag my sleepy body out of the bed and into the cool morning air and I regret doing it. And as long as I can keep enjoying this experience that I love so much, I will be happy.. atleast for those few moments before the world wakes up and I join the race called life.


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