Prog 1

Here’s a first in what I hope would be a long long (Harsha Bhogle style) series. Here I intend to write down the good and the not so good things that I did in the week gone by and the plans I have for the next week. So here goes:

Last Week:


1. I practiced typing a little and am getting better at it. The little effort that I put in at BITS seems to have had some benefit. Anyway I need to do more practice on it.

2. I have started to put some effort into learning Tamil. Progress will be slow but I will have to stick to it to get any better.

3. Tried to be a little proactive at work and tried to learn what goes on in the RI’s. Have to put in more effort though. Need to do a lot of groundwork. I don’t know where I will find the time to do it.

4. Documentation. The documentation work that I am doing in Sabre is a very positive thing. It’s going to be a massive help for me in the future and I will have to keep at it.


1. Just didn’t practice the guitar. Very bad. This was one of my New Year resolutions and I have to do better.

Next Week:

1. I’ll be getting the Laptop this week so I’ll have to continue to be proactive and make things easier and faster for me and everyone else.

2. Touch the guitar everyday. Doesn’t matter if I spend 5 mins on it or 50. I’ll have to do something everyday for the sake of my fingers.

3. Continue effort on documentation, Tamil and typing.

4. Get the RC for the bike and end the tension I have had about this issue since the time I bought the bike. Give me some closure….

5. Continue the series!!


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