New Days

The title doesn’t mean much. What I want to say is that my life these days are quite different from the days gone past. I finally have a project which isn’t shit and I can see myself learning and developing in the future. Life is not all that bleak and there are fewer pressures now. How nice!

But if I go to the root and analyze myself properly, I really want to know how I am doing these days. That is what this is all about. And I am not really doing that great. I am pretty tired everyday by the time I come back from office and am not getting enough time to practice guitar. Okay It’s not that I don’t get the time, it’s just that I am tired by the time I get back and I don’t have the motivation to pick up the guitar. And when I do pick it up, it’s getting difficult to practice because of the extended break that I have taken. The work in the office is only going to increase from now on and I will have even less time or energy to spare in the future so I’ll just have to come up with a strategy on how I can maximize my output and achieve my goals.

And about the work. As I said the work is only going to increase in the future. To make things easier for myself, I’ll have to do a lot of groundwork from now on. I will have to have a clear understanding of the concepts and always have a clear perspective of my work. I don’t want to be doing donkey work at any point of time. I want to make things easier for myself, work smart, not hard and be proactive at all times. I have to do this.

It will get difficult to write blog posts from now on in weekdays. So I’ll reserve weekends for blogging. I’ll update the collage every weekend and write a post about how well I am doing regarding my objectives every week, starting this week. And I’ll try to keep up the posts about sporting events. Starting this week.

It has been a good 2013 till now. Hope it remains the same way for some time to come.


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