Sridhar Reddy review – 2012

So.. this is a first. How do I review myself… Let’s see

There are still 3 days left in 2012. But I don’t think anything drastic is going to happen now. So I think I have a pretty full account of my year gone past.

Start: Flat 14, Sai Pooja Avenue, Kandanchavadi, Chennai

End: Flat GF5, Sri Jayendra Colony, Kandanchavadi, Chennai

I think I have improved considerably as a person in the year gone by. I have become more self conscious, more responsible for myself, matured as a person and I now am more confident. I have done things that I am proud of. Like persist with the guitar. I have come to the point where I can tell people that I am good with the guitar. And if someone asks me to play, I can play something that I am confident they will like. I couldn’t do that 1 year ago.

The half marathon was another achievement. I have felt that things have come really easily to me in life. But the run wasn’t easy. It was a lot of effort. I take pride in having the determination to stick to running and am proud of having achieved my goal. It’s a nice feeling, when you are able to achieve a goal that you set for yourself. I haven’t felt this feeling before. My goal in BITS would always be to do better in the semester and crack the courses but I never did. That is why I was never proud of myself.

Any other achievements? Thinking hard.. still thinking.. No. That’s it. There is nothing else remarkable enough to be mentioned.

How about things that I did well. I improved my communication with my brother. Was in constant touch with mom and dad. Made an effort to improve mom’s life. Tried to give back something to society through Action Aid and Greenpeace donations. Took more interest in politics and tried to be more aware of what’s happening around me. Became less lazy in general and tried to help the people around me.

So that’s about things I did well. On to things I didn’t do so well. When I was stuck in bench for those 6 months, I didn’t really try to force myself out of the situation. I was content to sit back and let things happen. I need to change that about myself. I need to start taking things in my hands. Become more decisive and less hesitant. That is a major change I would like to see in myself. I want to become less hesitant in public. And the rating that Kamal gave me. I can blame him for it but I can see that it was my fault also in a way. It certainly cost me close to 25,000 Rs. I have to keep this experience in mind always and act accordingly.

Major changes/ things I bought:

The bike in April. Cost me 23,500 then. Including the repairs that I have made on it till date, the cost comes to 29,000 Rs. It’s now in perfect condition. I have now decided to get the bike registered in my name. 7 months without an accident. It’s a good bike. I’ll carry it with me if I move. Bought car in August. Booked for home in June for which I took a personal loan of 3,00,000 Rs. The house is nearing completion and will be completed in a month. Gruha Pravesham is in a couple of weeks. Also bought a sofa set and a fridge for home. Minor things include a new pair of shoes, a pair of jeans, a new mp3 player.. that’s it.

Major losses:

Lifted a pair of Bose earphones from bro that I really enjoyed. They broke down a week back. I really feel the loss. Fell from the bus in January. Broke a tooth. Got a replacement. Spent 3000 for car window shades that had to be pulled down. And I managed to lose my license. And I have no idea when and where. Thats it?

Financial situation:


Personal Loan: 3,82,500, Car Loan: 6,16,600, Education Loan: 4,50,000, Credit card: 35,000

Total: 14,85,000 Rs


Car: 5,50000 Rs, Bike: 25,000 Rs, Room Advance: 24,000 Rs

Total: 599000

Deficit: 8,86,000 Rs.

Goals for 2013:

I think in 2013 I want to improve on what I have already built up. I want to break the 1:50 Hrs. barrier in half marathon. I want to improve further in guitar playing skills. I want to bring down the deficit in my financial sheet to under 6 lakhs. It’ll take some doing seeing as there will be a new addition to loans pretty soon but I will try my best and be proud if I do good. I want to keep coming up with innovative ideas to write about. I want to create a structure to my career and lay down some concrete plans. I want to find out what my dream is. And I want to get laid. Obviously.

I am in a dilemma career wise right now. I am not really sure what I want to do next. The lack of a C.S or an IT degree means I’ll never be able to work in technology companies. The options I have left for me are product related companies or IT companies. My current path is that of an Oracle DBA. I can arrange it to show that I have 2 years experience in DBA come June 2013. I can do that, or I can learn Java and try for a product based company. Product  based companies pay well. I can only get into IT companies as a DBA. Is money everything? Which career path is better? I don’t have answers to these questions. I have to make up my mind in the next 2 months about this. I’ll speak to different people and decide for my own. This is something I’ll like to have cleared up by the end of 2013.

So things to look forward to in 2013: My bro’s marriage. How I shape my carrier. More marathon runs. More guitar playing. And learning tamil …..


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