Looking Ahead

My timing for the half marathon was announced 3 days after the run. 2hrs 2 minutes 34 seconds. Not bad. About 1140 people registered for the run. I guess about 700 turned up. 153 people finished before me. Among them were 9 women.

After the run, I wasn’t overly tired so I felt that my recovery would be smooth but that wasn’t to be. My legs were sore for 3 days. Recovery for the long runs before the event were never this bad. My last long run was of 18 Kms and I felt perfectly good after that. I couldn’t do my stretches after the half the way I usually do them at home because there were too many people at the finish line and I didn’t really put in an effort. This is something I need to take care of when I do my next Half Marathon.

Which brings me to the next Half Marathon. There is a run in Auroville near Pondicherry on Feb 10th. That gives me a nice 10 week break where I can build up my strength again. I have been taking it easy in the last couple of weeks. I happened to donate blood last week and that really affected my stamina. I am also facing difficulty in waking up my legs before the runs. My shins are giving me trouble in the middle of the runs. I hope the issue settles down with some rest.

My goal in the Auroville Marathon is to try a time of 1 hr 55 mins. So I did some research after the run about improving performance. I found numerous tips on how some strength training would help in running. I decided to do Squats after my every run. Body Squats are not a very intensive exercise so I will have to do a large number of repetitions. I hope to go upto 7 sets of 20. I’ll also try to include some hamstring strengthening exercises though I’m yet to find any that can be done at home.

I think I’ll take it easy for another week. That will leave me 7 weeks for the Auroville run. Should be enough time to get into perfect shape for the run.


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