First of Many?

So I finished my first Half Marathon a few hours ago. It took me approximately 2hrs and 2 minutes. I’m happy. I’d have been happier if it took me 2 minutes lesser. But I won’t bitch about it.

I think I have to thank the organizers inefficiency for my timing. There were no mile markers along the route so I had no idea what mileage I was doing. At one point I assumed that my distance covered was 14 kms when in fact it was just 11. All along the run I had a feeling that I was doing a fantastic time and I was feeling very strong at halfway point so I pushed on. And I mean I really pushed on. I have never run that fast for that long on my practice long runs. Kms 4 to 14 were just fantastic.

My bubble burst when I finally found a marker which said 14 when I was under the impression that I had covered 17. That was a shock. But it meant that I was still doing a decent time. It had taken me 1 hr 25 minutes to cover 14. My aim had been to do the run under 2 hrs if possible. That meant I had 35 mins to run 7 kms. The last stretch was difficult but I managed to hold myself together and finished the run strongly. Needed a little help with my left ankle at the end but other than that, physically I felt pretty good.



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