Struggling for form..

After the Reading 7-5, Arsenal have played 4 games with varying degrees of success. First we played ManU at Old Trafford which we lost 2-1. The scoreline might  suggest a close match but in reality, our goal was scored in stoppage time by Cazorla. They outplayed us most of the game and we lost any chance of winning the game when Wilshere got sent off. Man U showed more drive and determination on the field and we struggled to create anything offensive.

Given that our team for the game was at full strength, the game really showed the gap in quality between the two teams. Rooney had a terrific game and if I were a Man U supporter, I would have enjoyed watching the game. van Persie scored.. if anyone cares to know.

Then we had an away game against Schalke that we drew 2-2. Before the game, we would have been happy with a draw but after going 2-0 up in the first half, we had a fantastic opportunity to win the game and go on top of the league. But it wasn’t to be. We let in 2 goals and now sit in the second spot in the table, 1 point behind Schalke.

The game against Fulham was one which we should have won. We went 2-0 in 20 minutes but then we let 3 in. Giroud scored an excellent equalizer in the second half and we had a penalty awarded in the stoppage time. Arteta took the penalty and really should have done better but their keeper pulled of a save and we had to settle for a draw. A rare bad game for Arteta and 2 points dropped for us.

Next we beat Tottenham 5-2 in a game which saw Adebayor getting sent off and Mertesacker score his first Arsenal goal through a brilliant header. The scoreline is similar to the same fixture last season and the game was equally tasty. I missed watching the game on t.v and had to follow the game on liveblog.

So after 12 games, we sit in 6th spot behind West Brom and Everton. Third spot is 5 points ahead of us and unless Chelsea has a bad stretch, it will be difficult for us to catch up to them. Suarez leads the scoring chart with 10 goals while Cazorla and Giroud have scored 4 each for us in the league so far. Walcott has scored the most for us in all competitions this season at 9 and I really hope he signs a new deal with us.

We play Montpellier at home today and after that, we play 6 games in the next 11 days. With Gibbs and Gervinho back in the squad, we have a full strength team for this crucial period. I hope we score the maximum points and by the end of 17th Dec, sit in 4th position in the league. It would be a fantastic birthday for me if it were to happen.



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