Training for Half Marathon – Week 6,7,8

My preparation for the Marathon got disrupted some more by the storm that developed over Chennai. I could only manage a 6k hard run and a 7k moderate in Week -6. Week 7 was a little better. I did a 15k run on Tuesday. It took me 1:35 hrs. The recovery wasn’t great though. I finished the run strongly and felt good when I reached home but after a while, my body became really tired. I should have eaten something after my run to help the body recover.

My total mileage on week 7 was 36 Kms.  I traveled home for Diwali on week 8 so my running wasn’t as smooth as I usually like but I still managed to do 34 Kms. The week ended with a 16k run which took me 1:39 hrs. Recovery this time was a little better compared to the last long run. I had a couple of eggs soon after the run. This was followed by a glass of milk and a plate of Khichdi. I did feel down for a couple of hours but by evening, I felt just fine.


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