Ours is a 4 dimensional world, having 3 dimensions of space and 1 of time. A hundred years ago, the only recognized dimensions were that of space. Today time is added to space and together they are called space-time dimensions. But even though time is clubbed together with space, they are in-fact quite different.

It is possible for a person to stay still in one set of spacial coordinates. In absolute terms this is not true because the earth is constantly moving but atleast relatively, it is possible. When it comes to time however it is not possible. The only way to stay still relative to time is to move at the speed of light and I am quite confident that as of today, that is physically impossible.

I want to explore the effect that time has on the human mind. More precisely, I want to know how change of time affects us. Things that we know of in one instant may be forgotten after a few hours. Phone numbers, tasks, names.. are just a few things that slip from our mind as time passes. We don’t forget everything. We force the things that we deem important to stay in our mind and to not forget. The less important things can slip off our mind without causing any fuss.

So how do we determine the value of something relative to time. A 100 rupee note made in 1980 is worth 100 rupees in 1980. By 1990 it might still be worth 100 rupees. By 2000, newer versions of the 100 rupee note have been created and the 1980 version is obsolete, its value nothing. But what about 2020. What is the value of the note in 2020? Or 2050 or 2080 when its a 100 years after its creation. By 2080, the note might become a rare collectors item and its worth might be many times what it was originally worth.. 100 rupees.

The passage of time has dramatically altered the value of our 100 rupee note. Why is that? Why is it that the older an object becomes, the more valuable it gets. But before I get to the why, I want to ask.. is it just physical objects that may become valuable with time? What about memories. Do memories become valuable as time passes?

The picture of a baby taking its first steps might not be very valuable to a father as he is taking the picture. What is the value of this picture 40 years later? What would a father give to be able to relive his child’s first steps. What would an retired athlete give to relive his first major victory? A surgeon his first successful operation, a writer the release of his first novel..

In some cases, it may not be possible to assign a value to these memories. Because once lost, there maybe no way to get them back. Hence the value. As time passes, situations change and the occurrence of an event may become rare. After enough time passes, the event has become so rare that something that was commonplace in the past becomes valuable in the future.

I am amazed by a humans ability to miss this fact. We are so caught up in the present that we don’t consider what value something in the present might have in the future. Experiences are easily forgotten. But they could become valuable in the future if they were remembered. It is difficult for a person to look at something today and think about what it could become in the future. People who can do this are called visionaries. They are few in number and they change the lives of many others.

Can there be a mechanism whereby you could tell if something would become valuable in the future. It would be great if there was a way to save things or experiences and retrieve them when they become valuable. Everything has a beginning and an end. Even though the beginning might not be apparent, if recognized, the object could be saved for the future. I wish I could broaden my mind and look at everything from times perspective. It would be a great exercise and would bring me a lot of pleasure in the future.


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