Training for Half- Marathon – Week 4,5

My training in the last couple of weeks was disrupted by rains. Monsoon comes to Chennai in October and I hope my schedule is not disrupted a lot. I still managed to clock 42 Kms these 2 weeks ending with the 15k run which I did today.

The early part of last week went as scheduled and I did the 5k hard run and a 7k moderate run but the rest of the week got washed out. I could do a 7k moderate run on Tuesday and had a 15k planned for Thursday. Rain came in my way again but I decided to run nonetheless. The result being that I ran 8 Kms in the drizzle and came home completely drenched. It was difficult to run in the rain but I had fun.

The 15k today started well. The climate was a little drier than usual which I think helped me a little. I made an arrangement to change bottles after 8kms so I had sufficient water for the whole run. I started slow and built up a good pace but after 6kms, I could feel myself tiring. At that point I didn’t know how much I could run so I decided to slow down a little and push on. At 10kms, I felt that my body was holding up pretty well compared to my previous long runs so I decided to push for 15. In the end I thought I made it easily. I finished strongly although I could feel the lower part of my body going a little numb. Stretching and recovery were good as I wasn’t overly tired by the run. Good signs I must say. Timing of 1:31 hours was also good. Adding another 6 kms for the marathon, at my current pace, my marathon timing would be 2:05 hours. It will be good if I could get it under 2 hours.

I have 5 more weeks to go. I’ll be able to do 4 more long runs before the marathon. I’ll have to pay attention to my body and see how it holds up in my long runs. My next long run will also be 15 kms.


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