Cometh the Bad Patch..

The last couple of weeks have been disappointing for me given that the teams I support have been performing quite poorly.


We went into the International break riding on the high of the win over West Ham and would have wanted to continue at the same pace but that wasn’t to be. We lost 2 matches in 4 days, first in the league against Norwich who then sat one above the bottom of the league and then we lost to Schalke in the Champions League. The loss in the league is more significant as the gap between Chelsea and us is now at 10 points. We sit 9th in the league currently behind West Ham, West Brom , Fulham etc. If we mess up today’s match, out title challenge will be practically over.

We need to win today’s match and hope that Man U wins over Chelsea tomorrow for there to be any chance of us having a shot at the title. In the Champions League, we sit 2nd in the group, 1 point behind Schalke. We will have to beat Schalke away to finish at top of the group and that is not an easy proposition. We will be playing some very important matches in November.. against Man U and Schalke away and Tottenham and Montpellier at home. The next 9 matches will decide our potential for this season.


Alonso qualified in 5th position for the Indian Grand Prix tomorrow. Vettel had constantly chipped away at his lead in the last couple of months and will start tomorrows race in pole position, his 4th consecutive pole. He is currently having a 6 point lead over Alonso and with 3 races to go, tomorrows race is extremely crucial for both of them. I think Alonso’s aim would be to get the best possible position in tomorrows race and keep Vettel’s lead over him to as low as possible. Vettel will probably win tomorrow.


So all 4 teams from the IPL crashed out of the Champions League. I don’t know why I am even mentioning this. I wasn’t very interested in the event in the first place. Anyway after the last two editions being won by Indian teams, this time we can’t even make it to the finals. Real cricket will start come mid-November when the first test between India and England starts. I’m waiting for that.


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