Training for Half-Marathon – Week -3

Last week saw further improvement in capacity and stamina. On the runs on the weekdays, I was able to finish strongly with little or no muscle tightness. The recovery was also good. Earlier I had to sleep for a while after returning from a run but I was able to avoid that last week. I guess that indicated an increase in strength. The long run on the weekend went as planned. Finished the 13k with some energy to spare. Muscles were a little sore but it disappeared after a little stretching.  I didn’t need a long rest after the run so that is a positive sign as well.

I have noticed the fact that I seem to be losing lean muscle mass from my body. My chest is getting a little deflated and I can feel a change in my biceps too. I guess this is a byproduct of all that running but increasing protein intake should address that issue. I will be able to check my weight this week but I think I may have lost about 1 k.g. Will have to check. Anyway I have decided to increase the number of eggs I consume from this week.

Total mileage covered in last week was 29 Kms. I have planned a 15k run this weekend. The water I carried on the last run was barely enough for 13k. I will need another bottle for any more running. I’ll have to think about that. So the positives from last week are that my legs are shaping up very well for longer distances. My stamina is also increasing. My goal for this week would be to keep up the rate of improvement. Planned mileage for this week is 32k. Should go well.


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