Set small goals.. the way forward

I have been experiencing feelings of frustration and desperation for a while now. I get the feeling that my life has become stagnant and all avenues of change are shying away from me. For a guy who likes to be on the move constantly, this period has been difficult. When was the last time I felt this way? At Arunachalam? Arunachalam was worse until I managed to find a way to do something useful with my time. What is my way out now?

I think an effective way to tackle frustration is to divide the problem into small parts and tackle one part at a time. We may not be able to find the solutions for all the small problems, but there will be a few that we will conquer and that should give us some satisfaction and the drive to keep going. But isn’t than the case for any problem. Divide and rule is a great approach to problem solving be it in professional life or personal life.

So how do I tackle this particular problem and can I form a general set of steps or guidelines that can be used in any situation. What do you do when you feel that you’re stuck in life?

The trick is to isolate that aspect of life in which you are stuck. For example I am right now stuck in my professional life with no project and nothing useful to do with my time. I am still getting paid but that salary is not giving me any satisfaction. So now I know where I am stuck. What about other aspects of my life? I think I am doing pretty good everywhere else.

Now that I have isolated my problem area, the trick to fighting it is to put an extra effort in all other aspects of my life. For example, I like to keep myself fit. So I put in extra effort into training so I get fitter and better at it. The increased effort should show results and should give you an increased amount of satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Another example? Spend more time on your hobbies and interests. Do the things you enjoy doing. Indulging in your hobbies will give you pleasure and will also pass some time so that’s 2 benefits there.

Another thing I can do in my scenario is to think of things that I won’t be able to do once I get a project and get busy again. Like catching up with old friends or getting some work done for your parents or things like that. Another way to derive some satisfaction and pass some time.

If I could quantize satisfaction and add up discreet quantities of it, the pleasure I get from doing the activities above should overshadow or overcome the negative feelings of frustration and anger. One needs to channel his thoughts and think this way for this to work. So what if I don’t have a project and have nothing to do, I have these other things to do and they are helping me a lot. So I will be a positive person, think more about the good things and less about the bad things. The bad thing might be more important or significant than the good thing, but in order to tackle hard times, one should ignore what is important and concentrate on the things that keep you going.

For someone who has just entered adult life of profession and responsibilities, I am new to facing hard times and situations where I can’t just turn to someone else for help. I need to make this into a learning experience. Life will get harder from now on. Responsibilities will grow. You will stop being the one who depends upon others and be the one on whom others depend. You will have to satisfy an increasing number of people and will have a decreasing amount of time to think about yourself.

Buck up my boy, your life’s just getting started.


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