Gone Persie Gone

Robin Van Persie signed for Manchester United yesterday. He was our captain last season and giving him to Man U is extremely disappointing.  I must say this is a new feeling for me. Never had any players switch over and play for rival teams. Sachin or Dhoni would never play for Australia. I guess this feeling comes as a part of the football package.

The new season is starting in two days. I think Thomas Vermaelen will be our captain this season. He is a senior member of the team and an experienced center half. I think compared to the start of last season, this season we are better prepared . I don’t know if our current squad would bring us the premier league title but I am sure with the likes of Santi Cazorla and Podolski in our team, we can compete. If we try our best, its enough for me.

This is my second full start of season as an Arsenal fan and first season where I am completely hooked and have nowhere else to go. I am excited for the match on Saturday. Barcelona are interested in Alex Song and he might leave but that should bring about at least on more signing. I think we still are short of a striker. Our central striking options include Giroud, Chamakh and Podolski maybe. One injury will put us in a fix and we’ll depend on Giroud the same way we depended on van Persie last season. Not the best situation to be in. So one more striker and defensive midfielder and we are set to go.


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