Where we stand….

Half the season’s gone in Tennis and Formula1 while new seasons are about to start for Arsenal and Team India. So where do we stand in all this?

Tennis: If Nadal’s 2nd round defeat in Wimbledon was bad, his injury forcing him out of the Olympics is disastrous. He was supposed to be the flag bearer for Spain in the Olympics and to be in a position were he couldn’t participate would be a huge blow to him personally. He has bounced back from injuries in the past. His defeat in the French open to Soderling in 2009, his subsequent injury and family problems put him through  a lot that year. But he worked through it and had a stunning 2010 season. He has won 4 titles this season, which is better than what he managed last season. So he’s still going to have a great season.

A few words for Federer here. I have always admired this guy for the quality of Tennis he plays and the way he carries himself. But he has now reached a new level in my eyes. To have the hunger and desire to win a grand slam after 2 years is incredible and really inspiring. Every person in this world of every age can learn something from him. If you have quality and believe in yourself, nobody can stop you from winning. Go Roger.


The 10th race of the season starts today with Alonso at the top of the table with 129 points, 13 clear of Webber. He starts on pole today and if he wins this, he will have a clear lead going into the second half of the season. He has had fantastic victories till now and even though the Ferrari car has been off pace compared to the Redbull, he is still competing using sheer talent and great strategies. After  a long time, I’ll get to watch the race on t.v and I’m looking forward to it.


The pre-season for Arsenal is underway and the start of the season is a month away. We would be in a great position for the start of the season if it weren’t for that bastard van-Persie. He declared that he wanted to leave and after the way he did it, I want the club to kick him out and get a new player. But that’s the problem. We need to find a new striker and someone who can hit the ground running and those types are hard to find given our financial constraints.

It’s great that we completed the Giroud and Podolski deals early so now we just need to make one more signing to be ready for the season start. Arsene Wenger has definitely done a great job this summer and I’m eagerly looking forward to the new season.


We started our new season in style yesterday by beating Sri Lanka in the 5 match ODI series. Winning this series 5-0 will take us to the first spot but It’s going to be really difficult. I’m hoping we win this series and gather momentum going into the T-20 world cup. Virat Kohli’s century in yesterday’s victory deserves a mention. He has had a fantastic season till now scoring 830 runs this year. I hope his form continues like this.


My spirits have been raised since last month and right now I am not that desperate to leave the company. The processing for the loan is going on and I’m looking forward to seeing the car in front of my house. Good times for Ferrari and me, hopeful for Arsenal and Team India and tough times for Nadal. Mixed baggage as always, but I need that to keep my feet firmly on the ground.


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