Last day in No. 14

9 months is a long time. Tomorrow I leave No. 14, Sai Pooja Avenue and move onto VijayShanti. What has this period of time meant for me. Lots of memories form the last 9 months come flooding into my mind as I look back. This period has been covered in 2 collages but there is still so much to record.

The prominent memories will probably be the morning shifts to DLF, the jams sessions with Srinivas, and the booze weekends. I enjoyed this period of my life. Even though I have a feeling that I’m stuck right now, there have been brighter days gone past and I will leave this place with good memories. This is  definitely a  big change and I must treat it as such.

This past year has introduced lots of changes in me. The seeds sown in Mangalore definitely blossomed in Pooja Avenue. My drive for productivity…

Such a sad thing that I couldn’t complete this post. Would have been a good one.


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