Unhappy times for this blogger. Anger and frustration, common ailments of any software engineer, which had so far stayed away from me have finally decided to pay me a visit. I am well and truly stuck in life.

Let’s list out the sources of my misery and see if there is anything I can do about them:

1. The damned default rating has cost me an increment of 30k and the rating of 2 that the bastard game me means I won’t receive any increment in November either.

2. Lack of projects in current company. Being idle is driving me nuts!

3. Lack of opportunities outside. Improve the economy already!!

4. Very tight wallet.

The first 2 factors shouldn’t really bother me as I am looking to move on anyway. But the lack of opportunities outside is really compounding the frustration. It’s like being in between a rock and a hard place. I’m not getting opportunities in the company or outside and I can’t sit back and relax as that would hurt my long term prospects.

I have spent 12k on java coaching and also have put in a significant amount of effort. Now if I don’t get any opportunities outside, I will slowly start losing the level of preparedness or momentum and confidence that I have gathered up until now. When things are not going your way, there are only 2 things you can do. One: be patient and wait for your chance, Two: be aggressive and pursue things relentlessly. Being patient will not get me out of this situation so I need to start getting very aggressive.

What about the wallet problem. I think that problem is here to stay and I just have to slowly get used to working on a tight budget. Its going to be very tight the next few months so I just have to tighten my belt and hang on.

Great people are those who have the will power to pull themselves out of tight situations. I need to inspire myself and push harder.


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