Jinxes and Fairy Tails

Last week Nadal ended his 10 month long trophy drought and a 7 match losing streak to Djokovic to win the Monte Carlo masters title. But more on that later.

When Chelsea beat Barcelona 1-0 in the first leg, a thought popped into my head that made me giggle uncontrollably. What if both Barcelona and Real Madrid don’t reach the finals?.. Ha Ha Ha .. right? Except that is exactly what ended up happening and what’s more … its even more funny in reality.

Everybody expected the Madrid-Bayern to be a close affair but most would have fancied Madrid pulling through to the final. But nobody fancied Chelsea fighting out a draw at Camp Nou. Atleast not the way they did it. It was a lot like a fairy tail.. it had all the ingredients.. an insurmountable task, made more difficult midway, a fighting climax and thrilling finish. And a fair amount of stupidity thrown in.

It was a very important tie and the cunt that is Terry felt that he should contribute something extra so he went ahead and kneed Sanchez without provocation or need or thought and hence got himself sent off, much to his dismay, Chelsea fans disbelief and the neutral observers amusement. Then he made a bigger joke of himself saying he just did it in self defense against whatever threat he imagined himself in. So Chelsea get reduced to 10 men and then 2 goals down.

Then Ramires scored a stunning goal which I thought was very stunning made all the more stunning by the way he scored and the conditions in which he scored. Needless to say that the Barca kids very really stunned and try hard as they did, they couldn’t manage another goal. And then Torres stepped up and justified his 50 Mil $ price tag and scored.. except he didn’t. The goal came in the 92nd minute by which time the game was truly over and the goal didn’t make any difference.

The world was so stunned after this match, that after Bayern Munich beat Madrid, nobody seemed surprised. It was a match at a level deserving a Champions League Semi-Final, both teams played very well and Bayern were deserving winners and will play the final at home.

A Chelsea very different from the Barca beating one visited us midweek and took a point home. It was a drab affair in which they played deep and sort off practiced at Emirates what they eventually did successfully at Camp Nou. Then we visited Stoke on the weekend and though we played better, the result was the same. I may have been disappointed at this but Newcastle, who are our closest rivals, lost to Wigan 4-0 so we have some gap over the next placed team.

At this point of time, as an Arsenal fan, I expect 3 things from the players. The need to finish third doesn’t need explaining, apart from that, I want Arsenal to score more that the 68 points that we managed last season and van Persie to take his premier league goals tally to 31 from 28 that he is at currently. 31 is the record for the most goals scored in a 38 game season by Ronaldo for Man U and some other chap for some other team. And I want our captain to beat that record. 3 goals in 2 games.. easy right?

So Nadal won the Monte Carlo masters 8th time in a row. People say it is impossible for anyone to score 100 centuries like Sachin or win 16 Major titles like Federer.. but how about 8 consecutive masters titles. I don’t think anyone will be able to match that either. The hallmark of Legendary sports-persons is that they have such insurmountable achievements attached to their names that make the common man wonder in amazement.. how the fuck did he do that?

Then almost as an afterthought, Nadal went ahead to win the Barcelona 500 series title for the 7th time. So the champ has retained 2 of the 3 titles he won last year with just the French open left. Djokovic pounced on the rest of the titles last year and that will make it extremely interesting this year because he would be under pressure to defend his titles and his ranking in the next few tournaments. It will be exciting to see if he is able to do that. Go Nadal!


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