We lost to Wigan 2-1 yesterday. The number of parallels that can be drawn from the QPR game are disturbing. They played well, we played badly.. net result? We drop 3 points in the crucial race to the top 3. We are still 5 points clear of Tottenham but they have a game in hand. With 4 games to go, this is going to be tight.

We play Chelsea this Saturday. They play Barcelona on Wednesday and will be pretty stretched and leggy by the time they get to play us. But that doesn’t mean that we can relax and bank on their fatigue to make things easier for us. We need to react they way we did after losing to QPR.. by beating Chelsea soundly.

Arteta got himself injured yesterday and that is a big blow to our team as is an important part of our midfield. Wilshere has been ruled out for the season as well. These final 4 games are going to be tough for us.. we need to hang on and finish our season in style.

The Shanghai grand prix was won by Rosberg with Alonso finishing 9th and Massa still being out of points. So with 4 races gone, Alonso sits 3rd with 37 points trailing leader Hamilton by 8 points and Ferrari are 3rd in the table.. some 50 points behind McLaren.

Nadal will start the Monte Carlo masters campaign against Nieminen tomorrow.


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