1 Year on..

It was this time last year that I started writing this blog. It had a different name then.. and a different purpose. A lot has happened this last year. Lots of changes took place and I think they are reflected in this blog.. in a way.

Prominent changes? Difficult to put into words. I was in campus then.. idling away time, doing zero productive work and still being content with life. The 3 months in Mangalore were amazing. The introduction of a schedule in my life really spurned me into striving to organize my time and do something productive. I feel as if I have done more in this 1 year than what I could do in 4.5 years in campus.

The other day I was sitting and trying to come up with the collage for Budh’s experiences. There are so few memories I have of that one year.. I don’t understand what i did that whole year. Or the subsequent 4 years. You forget things after 5 years of-course.. but still.. I feel that my life in campus went with the flow. I never made an attempt to force anything into my routine.. I was content to sit back and let the timeline flow.

Sometimes I look upon my campus life with regret. There were so many things I could have done. I had the potential and the resources. What was lacking was Motivation or perhaps I was just too lazy. But then I feel some other things too. These past few months I have started to miss the life in campus. I didn’t think I would miss that life at all. But I do. And that surprises me.

I could go on writing about this but I’d end up writing nothing at all. As I said.. difficult to put into words. One thing hasn’t changed though. Arsenal’s position.

I wrote a post on 11th Apr 2011. We were in second position back then but trailing Man U by 7 points with 7 games to go. Our next game was with Liverpool that we drew.. thanks to a goal by some dick in the 97th minute. And from then on we just collapsed and ended up finishing 4th. We find ourselves in pretty much the same position now.. in third place with 7 games to go. I sincerely hope we don’t finish our season the way we did last year.


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