Buzz Kill!

The recent euphoria and positivity over the 7 game winning streak spiraled out yesterday with the defeat at the hands of QPR. It was going to be a tough match for us but we needlessly made it tougher for ourselves. I thought both goals resulted from defensive mistakes, but I have to give credit to QPR, they played well in the midfield. We had most of the possession but they scored on the chances they got and were content to sit back when we pressed them.

It looked as if tactically we were a bit off to play Ramsey in winger position as he was playing in the midfield most of the time and wasn’t able to contribute up front. Vermaelen, our most consistent defender had a bad day yesterday. So we are still 3 points above Spurs but they have a game in hand and with Chelsea winning yesterday, they are breathing down our neck right now. A very tough game awaits us next Sunday when we take on Man City at home and a bad result there will break our momentum badly, and that is the last thing we need right now.

It was disappointment in Tennis too as Nadal retired from his semifinal match against Murray due to knee injury. He hates retiring from matches, which means that the injury is serious. He has said that he will look to participate in Monte Carlo and Barcelona but 2 weeks is a small duration and he needs to recover quickly if he intends to defend his Monte Carlo title.

Djokovic and Murray will be playing the final. I’m not really sure who I want to win this title. I’m increasingly becoming impressed by Djokovic these last few months and I would want him to retain the title, but I wouldn’t mind if he loses and drops some points and gives Nadal a chance for top ranking.


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