Sometimes in life when interacting with people, we don’t make an effort to view the other person’s perspective. We are content to look at things our way and act or comment in line with our own view of how things should be. This can sometimes lead to us missing signals, or opportunities to get an insight into the other guy’s way of thinking.

Our lifestyle and work brings us into proximity of a very diverse people, be it by age or culture. The resulting interactions give us ample chances to peek into other persons thought processes and compare them with our own. As kids we were lost in our own world, and content to be that way. Fully functional adults can’t afford that. We, for our own good need to be conscious of the things we say or do and what possible impact our actions may have on the other person, specially if you can’t see said person and don’t know how he is actually reacting to the communication you are having.

Being a child was easy, short of hurting another person physically or otherwise, one could pretty much do or say anything he wanted. We didn’t have to contend with inflated egos or paucity in communication. Things change rapidly when you enter the adult world, when you are expected to do things. Whether or not you do the things that are expected of you, one should be prepared with the answers.

There is a thin line between being conscious and being overly conscious. We don’t need to be skeptical in our attitude, the world is not out to beat us. Just directing more thoughts outside that inside would make our lives so much easier.


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