And then there were 7!

Don’t we just love it when get double bonanzas? Like a high paying job where you don’t have to work.. or a brand new laptop with a 2 gb graphic card.. or a chocolate cake with chocolate chips on top..

Yesterday’s Arsenal’s victory over Aston Villa gives me a feeling like that. But it’s more like triple or quadruple bonanza. Arsenal winning 3-0 with Tottenham and Chelsea drawing their match and we moving 3 points clear in third place is just fantastic. Throw in Liverpool and Man City also dropping points into that mix and I’m the happiest person on earth. Not that the Red’s or rich guys woes affect Arsenal. Just a little sadistic pleasure..although I do feel sorry for my roomie who is a Man City fan.

At this point I want to stop and psycho-analyze myself. When we lost to AC Milan, it took me 44 days to get back to blogging. The morning after the game, I didn’t even want to open up and see the post game pictures and articles. I felt that bad. When I finally found the courage to open the site, it was full of comments from big nose Ibrahimovic giving off comments like how he had rejected Arsenal’s offer and free advises to van Persie to leave Arsenal. I felt offended and angry. Then we lost to Sunderland and I thought..’okay what else is new’. And from then on we have turned it around.. and I am back to blogging again.

Now I can give excuses and say I was busy.. which I was.. but the truth of the matter is even if I was not busy, I wouldn’t have written at that time. I am a positive person and I usually don’t write anything if I don’t have anything good to write about. But doesn’t that go against the “treat victory and defeat the same way” thing. It is really difficult to put ideals into practice. It takes a lot of discipline. I hope I can be that good some day.

Back to the victory itself. Since I am in a particularly analytical- kind of mood right now, I’ll analyze our run of form.

Our last loss came at the hands of Man U in January. I felt we were unlucky in that match and would have won if Alex Chambo had not been taken off. But after that, we have played 8 premier league matches and have won the last 7 of them. Our last unbeaten run was of 7 games which was broken by Man City in December. Now we have a 8 game unbeaten run. But its different this time.

In the last 8 games, we have scored 22 goals. 7 out of that were scored by van Persie, including a hat-trick against Blackburn. Before that game, we had scored 39 goals, 19 of them coming from our captain. I’ll call our current streak as resurgence, and the period before that pre-resurgence. So his contribution was 31% of goals in resurgence and 49% of goals in pre-resurgence period. The stats tell us that we have reduced our dependency on Robin during this run, although we did need a moment of brilliance from him to win the Liverpool game which ideally we should have drawn or lost.

The fact that we are decreasing our dependency on van Persie gives me a lot of comfort. An injury to him will still be catastrophic to our cause, but we now have some stability in our team and I think we can now cope. Robin has started in more matches than anyone else in the team this season, except for Szczesny who is the goal keeper. He has been tremendous for us and I shudder to imagine what our season would have been without him. As a tribute to the captain, I had changed all my passwords to his name.. silly thing to do but that is what we fans are like.


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