Goa Memoires: Day 2

We woke up at around 10:00 A.M, did some research and decided to have breakfast at “Little Italy”. The cheese omelet at the place was very good. It was pricey, but then again everything is in Goa. Except for booze.

We left for Arambol at around 11:30 A.M. The distance was about 25 kms and it took us around 1.5 hours to get there. We had made up our minds to get into the water at Arambol. We had heard a lot about Arambol and expected the beach to be pristine and untouched. Instead we found it a little crowded . Most of the people present were foreigners. We went straightaway to a shack and ordered beer. After relaxing a little, me and A undressed and jumped into the sea. Played around for a while, gawked at a few tits and then came back and changed.

We ordered some more beer and launched into a detailed discussion on some issue. The guy took a long time to bring our orders but the food was delicious. I ordered a King Fish Sizzler or something and it tasted really good. We set out from Arambol at about 3 P.M. We had planned on heading to Anjuna from Arambol but I stopped at a tattoo parlor near Vagator and got the tattoo done. He did a good job.

The tattoo took a long time and it was dark by the time we reached Chapora fort. The view from the ford was awesome. We came back from the fort  and set out for Calangute beach. We entered the beach at the corner so there was very little crowd there. We ate something and sat at the beach drinking beer and smoking. It was amazing. The sound of the waves, the quite ambiance, the breeze, the whole setting was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed being there. It was extremely relaxing.

We later got up and walked a little on the beach. We sat in a remote shack and ordered food. He took his time but the food was good. We slowly got up and walked home. M slept on the sofa, we retired on the bed.


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