Goa Memoires: Day 1

The price for bikes off-season is around 200 rs. At weekends, it can go upto 700-800 rs. Once we reached Calangute, we started searching for a place to stay . Stay in Goa can be quite costly, specially in season. Trying to find a place a little away from the beach is a good idea. We found a place that cost us 2000 rs per day. Pricey, but the facilities were good. We got refreshed and went to have lunch at a place call Rustlers.

We set out for Baga beach around 3:30 P.M. The beach was very crowded. I wanted to go into the water but the other two were reluctant. M has hydrophobia it seems. So we walked around for a while and sat in a shack drinking beer. Then we went for another round and smoked hookah for a while. Suddenly, I had the urge to go for a run and I started off. I was 2 beers down by then so I couldn’t manage to go far.

It was a little late when we left Baga beach. There was a big traffic jam on the way to Calangute so we reached room around 8:30 P.M. We then went out and bought a crate of beer and bought some food. We sat in the room boozing and listening to music. We were pretty tired by then so we went to bed a little early.


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